Summer Music and Food Truck Days

Summer Music and Food Truck Days

Our summer music and food truck days continue on the following dates:

Saturday, July 6th – Musician Nick Foresta and Smokehouse Food Truck

Sunday, July 28th – Musicians Andy Mann, Andrea Tollison & Melissa Davignon; Smokehouse Food Truck

Saturday, August 3rd – Musicians Dave Loves Donna and Falkor Food Truck

Saturday, August 17th – More info coming

Saturday, August 24th – Musician Sean Gasaway and V&C Food Truck

Sunday, September 8th – Musician Anna Spackman and Randevoo Food Truck

Sunday, September 22nd – Musicians Acoustic Vuja De and V&C Food Truck



Current tap list is:

"GALS" – Ginger And Lime Saison

“A Date with Quad" - a Belgian Quad brewed with dates

“Give me one Riesling to stay here” – an ale brewed with Riesling juice

"Spontaneous Consumption” – a NE-style IPA

“Starvin’ Darvin” – a nice big Barleywine

Aan orange milkshake IPA, a sour cherry Belgian tripel, and a Blueberry wit are on deck!

We Can Ship Out of State

Good news for our customers who live out of state – we can now ship to you via Vinoshipper!  Just follow the directions to set up a Vinoshipper account on our website.  If you live in PA, you currently need to go through Vinoshipper to order online, but soon we will have a separate cart set up for you to order directly from us.  In the meantime, you can always call in a shipping order.  Thanks for your patience while we get this all straightened out!

Vineyard Update

Vineyard Update

The vines are growing like crazy with all this rain.  The fruit has set and looks like these tiny, hard green berries.  Lots of canopy management going on in the vineyard – we need to keep all the shoots tucked in between the wires to maximize the grape clusters to the sun!

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