We in the Levengood family have been making wine at Manatawny Creek Winery for over 25 years and having a great time doing it!  All of our wines are made here at the winery and we grow about half of the grapes we need to produce about 10,000 gallons (4200 cases) of wine every year.  The majority of grapes we purchase are grown here in Berks County and nearby Lehigh, York, Chester and Lancaster counties.

Almost all of our wines are sold out of our tasting room with a small amount sold at area restaurants.  We do not distribute through other stores, but we can ship to consumers in Pennsylvania.  If you visit our tasting room, live in a state other than PA, and want to ship wine to your home, you can do that through Vinoshipper on our website.

In the tasting room you have the option of doing a wine tasting for $5 which includes 5 1/2-oz pours or doing a flight of 4 2-oz pours for $10.  We also have flights of our beer available for $10. And while you’re visiting our tasting room, look through the set of windows on the side wall and you will be able to see down into the cellar where the wine production occurs.  Stainless steel fermenting and storage tanks, as well as other equipment are visible.

Probably the most-asked question we get from customers is how on earth we got into the wine business.  In his previous life as a chemical engineer, Darvin was an enthusiastic home-winemaker who always had a few carboys bubbling away in his basement.  His wife, Mary, got to enjoy the fruits of his labor for all those years.  Their kids, Dave and Joanne, must have acquired the wine bug somewhere along the way.  Joanne left her job as an environmental engineer in 1994 and moved to California to study winemaking at the University of California at Davis and to work at several wineries before returning to the family farm in 1997 to start Manatawny Creek Winery. 

Our farm is located in a wonderful community and our extended family now includes many neighbors and friends who work and play with us.



A total pleasure to visit. An absolute joy to leave with some of the finest wine in the region. Thank you Manatawny Creek Winery ... nicely done, all around!

~ Ron